New Bedford, MA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ?, Ann  09 Apr 1855New Bedford, MA I9421
2 Adams, Zenas H.  17 Nov 1879New Bedford, MA I272
3 Adams, Zenas L.  29 Nov 1882New Bedford, MA I269
4 Allen, Francis F.  26 Sep 1839New Bedford, MA I1016
5 Brayton, Alice H.  1840New Bedford, MA I6119
6 Brayton, George  01 Dec 1827New Bedford, MA I6123
7 Bunker, Rebecca F.  12 Mar 1906New Bedford, MA I11021
8 Carey, William S.  28 Feb 1883New Bedford, MA I9420
9 Carr, John G.  12 Feb 1875New Bedford, MA I9637
10 Carr, Obed S.  14 Oct 1859New Bedford, MA I9627
11 Chase, Alexander C.  06 Mar 1863New Bedford, MA I13046
12 Chase, Henry  1853New Bedford, MA I13038
13 Clapp, Emily  23 Jul 1865New Bedford, MA I13271
14 Coleman, Lydia  01 Oct 1817New Bedford, MA I2270
15 Folger, Lydia  1847New Bedford, MA I13449
16 Orpin, Mary W.  01 Sep 1862New Bedford, MA I5382
17 Russell, Ruth  19 Jan 1866New Bedford, MA I13589

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